• October 10, 2019
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Legal Advice For Those Who Really Want A Divorce

Hi there! How are you doing? Here’s an envelope for you. I am obliged to inform you that you have been served. Now, you have a nice day now! So well-mannered, the handsome courier on his bike was. But so unpleasant was this brief encounter. This is what happens to so many men around the country. They should have known that there was always this possibility. They did not need to be rocket scientists to know that their marriages were not working.

Divorce advice Lexington MA

And yet when it finally happened, when their bitter wives got their lawyers to draft the divorce proceedings, it still hit them in the groin like a ton of bricks. You…have…been…served. Such ominous notes played over and over again during their nightly nightmares, tossing and turning wondering. Just what is next? What’s around the corner? Just what the heck am I supposed to do. My wife is taking me for all I’ve got.

Yes, she’s taking him to the cleaners. You can’t say it serves him right. It may never have been his fault. And yet, it still takes two to tango. Divorce advice Lexington MA consultations; scheduled bookings, ongoing, just one or two meetings, always consoling, reassuring but certainly hard facts, dealing with realities, may proceed to remind the victimized man that we are all adults and it is time to act like grownups.

Accept responsibility for what went wrong, no matter what. And yet there are those who are mature. Ultimately the marriage did not work. But now it is time to kiss and make up. No, that’s not it. These mature, open minded couples want to utilize their best legal resources to make sure that their divorce proceedings are mutually satisfying.